“La Mecque-Phuket” by Saphia Azzedine

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Saphia Azzedine’s is a simple and clean novel that has no problem in plucking Arab-Muslim society in France and laughing at its oddities.

La Mecque-Phuket

The book tells the story of Fairouz, girl children of Moroccan immigrants in France, eager more than ever to emancipate herself from her origins. The casus belli will be the decision to give parents a pilgrimage to Mecca. Amid a thousand vicissitudes and stratagems, Fairouz and his brothers will manage to put together the money, but will they be able to resist the temptation to relax in Phuket?

Saphia Azzedine, the author of La Mecque-Phuket

Banlieu and arabs

The book is an irreverent portrait of the Arab-Muslim societies in the French banlieu and all the oddities that revolve around it. Gossip, religion and customs are at the center of the author’s arrows which, however, is not to upset but rather to show that type of society as it is.

The protagonist is the pivot on which the whole novel moves, a strong and disillusioned girl who tries to live as best she can. She will organize everything and she will also motivate the brothers to get out of the banlieu quagmire and make the most of their skills. The book also sheds strong criticism of French society by showing us several times the racism that still persists in the country.


The novel is a no-frills portrait of Arab societies in the French banlieu. Show them as real swamps from which only by fighting against laziness and French opinion is it possible to get out.

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