05 “How Uruz, the son of Salur Kazan, was taken prisoner”

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We are proud to present you the 5th podcast episode of “the tales of Dede Korkut“, dedicated to Salur Kazan and his son Uruz. For the first time you will then have a real summary of the history, giving you the opportunity to choose between 8 and 28 minutes.

“How Uruz, the son of Salur Kazan, was taken prisoner”

In “How Prince Uruz, the son of Salur Kazan, was taken prisoner” we are told the story of the imprudence of the father in front of his heir, guilty of not having yet cut heads at 16 years old. The insistence of the father will lead the son to commit a great naivety, jeopardizing the fate of one of the most famous Turkish dynasties in the universe of Dede Korkut. Below you will find the short version with 2 minutes of the complete one.

Hopefully this summary can be a good way to allow everyone to listen without having to do something strange. Our goal is to make these myths and legends known even to the Italian public, not to practice in the theater. Let us know what you think, your every opinion is important and significant.

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