Hisham Kharma, Egypt’s most international music producer

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Hisham Kharma is not just a “musician”, he is a creator of atmospheres able to transport the listener to completely different galaxies, making him experience unique sensations every time. He is also the founder of “Law 3andak Dam”, a site to guarantee blood free of charge to every Egyptian

Hisham Kharma before music

Hisham Kharma was born in Cairo in 1970, where he spent most of his childhood and where he graduated in computer science, then working as a programmer. However, it will not be enough for the young Hisham to devote himself only to a merely practical side of the computer and, determined to deepen its creative side, he will move to Miami to graduate from the Miami Ad School, a result achieved in 2007. Once he returns to his motherland, he will be hired as director creative for an international advertising agency; this will allow him to confront new realities and in the meantime accumulate more and more media notoriety, so much so that he was chosen by Nike as one of the 3 Egyptian ambassadords.

In 2008, however, there is a fundamental episode for his life, which will lead him to change his priorities and start doing something concrete for his country. In that year, in fact, his uncle urgently needs blood for a surgical operation and, while relying on a private clinic, it is possible to find the precious fluid with a lot of effort and many bribes. This deeply shocks Hisham who, from that moment, will start to think more and more seriously about the need to do something to provide everyone with the possibility of receiving the right blood for free and within acceptable times.

Music career and “Law 3andak Dam”

In 2010 he chose to actively devote himself to music, launching his first album: “First Voyage”, in which for the first time he will show his audience his great talent, alternating melodies and atmospheres from every corner of “world music” and attracting the first interests of record companies.

With the Egyptian Revolution of 2011, Hisham will see with his own eyes the violence between police and protesters and this will bring to mind the drama experienced on his own skin a few years earlier, thus prompting him to activate the project “Law 3andak Dam“The latter allows Egyptian citizens to donate and request blood for free, speeding up procedures that otherwise could even lead to the patient’s death; the name is a play on words that literally means” If you have blood “but which in Egyptian comes also used to say “if you have a conscience.” In 2016 he will launch his third album “Al Yaqeen”, also starting to organize the first concerts; the musical consecration, however, came this year with the soundtrack of Al Nehaya, Egyptian series released in Ramadan and which tells of a future in which Israel no longer exists.


The greatness of Hisham Kharma compared to many other musicians, is not so much that of having a unique and precise style, but rather that of knowing how to create the right music for every situation. The artist’s goal, in fact, is not so much to make himself recognized, but rather to recreate the atmosphere he imagined, transporting the listener in always new moods and capable of touching a wide spectrum of sounds.

Each song is a kind of immersion in a different galaxy, with its rhythms and its melodies, a journey around the world that, since its first album, has never stopped, continuing to discover new realities and stories . His “Marrakech“, for example, remains a perfect synthesis of what the atmosphere perceived in the Casbah and the same thing can be said for his “Eclipse”, in which we perceive a sort of connection to the sky and a great event in course between stars. If you want to listen to a great connoisseur of “musical atmospheres” even more than “songs” or real songs, with Hisham Kharma you have found your galaxy.

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