The Hu, from Mongolia to the stars

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Have you ever imagined yourself for the Mongolian steppes while fighting for Genghis Khan? Whether you have already tried the experience or want to experiment, you will not be able to do without the sound of The Hu, capable of bringing you back to the time when Mongolian horses dominated the world

From Mongolia to the stars

The Hu is a Mongolian rock band born in 2016 that, to pay homage to the ancestors of one of the founders of the group, began to study the ancient melodies and local instruments combining them with contemporary rock influences and of the last century.

The result was staggering, some of their videos on Youtube exceed 30 million views and also on Spotify we talk about over 10 million plays for the best known pieces. They have already been received and rewarded several times by the Mongolian Prime Minister and their songs have already appeared on shows like our “4 restaurants”. 3 months ago they also released Sugaan Essena, a song created specifically for the video game “Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order”, so much so that it was written in a language created for the occasion.


The Hu, for melodies, instruments, purposes and results, are part of that group of artists who are really determined to look at their own history to imagine the future, one in which the ancient is not forgotten but celebrated. Like the Tinariwen, Habib Belk and Mark Eliyahu, also in this case the intent is neither to “invent” nor to “copy”, but rather find a middle ground between the two realities; a sort of bucket of water on a beautiful but now completely dusty stone.

To explain this concept “with objects”, just look at their own tools, a perfect example for this discussion. The band uses in fact: 2 Morin Khuur, horse-headed violins, a Tovshuur, the lute of the Oirati, the Tsuur, a typical flute, and a Tumur Khuur, equivalent of our “cheatbreaker”. The melodies and the concept behind each of them is in fact the same, but with an aesthetic that has nothing to envy to English-speaking rock bands, so as to fully highlight the extraordinary talent of the group. The sounds are absolutely Mongolian and it will take you 30 seconds to hear yourself walking on the Altaj mountains, ready for incredible rides in the steppe in the company of Genghis Khan and his fierce warriors. Without a shadow of a doubt the best performers ever with regards to Mongolian music.

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