In the presence of God, the end of Iqbal’s “Javid Nami”

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In the last chapter of “Javid Nami”, Muhammad Iqbal will finally meet the Divine Spirit, giving a brilliant and poetic conclusion to his magnificent work

The cry of Eternal Beauty

I: Who am I? Who are You? Where’s the world? Why this distance between You and me? Tell me: why am I tied to Destiny? Why don’t You die and I die?

DS: You have been in the world of matter, and everything that enters it dies. If you desire life, project your ego powerfully, drown the world of matter in yourself, and then you will see who I am and who you are, and why you lived and died in the world!

I: Accept the apology of this ignorant man and discover the veil of the face of Destiny. I have seen the revolution of Russia and Germany, I have seen riots in the world of Islam. I have seen what the East and the West propose; show me what Your destiny has for them!


At the end of his journey, Iqbal will finally meet the Divine Spirit, who will give him the basis for a new and more complete universe. Already from this passage it is clear how, in order to fully understand the Divine, man must take a decisive step: drowning the world of matter in himself. This, however, does not necessarily mean, as we will see in the next text, an ascetic path, but one in which there is only God at the center, managing to focus on him and our soul, according to Sufi conception “the part of the divine in us” .

Leave the East and do not be fascinated by the magic of the West, since all the Old and the New are not worth a grain of barley!

That precious ring that you have lost at the game with the demons, cannot be put in the mail even with the most faithful Angel!

Life is an ornament of society and guardian of the ego: oh you who are part of the caravan, get rid of everything and go with everyone!

You have come here brighter than the sun that illuminates the whole world; live to spray every atom of dust with a ray!

Like slender specks which fell as the wind passed, Alexander and Darius and Khosrow and Qubad disappeared.

The Tavern is dishonored by the smallness of your cup: grab a larger pot of intoxication, wisely taste it and go.


With this text, “Javid Nami” by Muhammad Iqbal definitively closes, a ghazal which sums up the long journey made so far and which is a sum of all the most important messages of the Poet. Here it is once again reiterated the fact that we, ordinary mortals, have such a limited time that we can concentrate only on God and his will, trying to chase the talents that the Creator himself has given us. The third last and the last verse go exactly in that direction, reminding us both to “spray every atom of dust with our rays of brilliance” and that “the Tavern is dishonored by the small size of your cup”. A clear invitation not to put a brake on one’s ambition for God, the only one that will lead us to have an inexhaustible source of interior light.

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