The sky of Saturn, the traitors of India and their punishment

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Saturn is the seat of those traitors so seedy as to be rejected even from Hell, an ideal place for those who allowed the British to conquer India

The abject spirits who have treacherously betrayed the homeland and who have been rejected by Hell

It is the seat of the spirits that will never rise again, and that Hell itself was disgusted with burning. Two demons of times gone by live there, because of which the soul of an entire people was killed: Ja’far of Bengal and Sadiq of the Deccan, shame of the country, of religion, of humanity! Rejected, desperate, rejected, an entire nation has corrupted itself through their work.

A nation that broke the bonds of each nation has now lost its sovereignty and faith. Don’t you know the district of India, that land dear to the souls of the wise, a land where everything that appears illuminates the world? Well it still rolls in dust and blood! Who sowed the seed of slavery in that land? It is precisely the work of these abject spirits! Stop for a moment in the blue expanse, so that I can see what the reward of their action is!


After visiting Jupiter and his heretics, Iqbal makes a sort of “hellish step” in which he can observe closely those who, for him, are truly the traitors of humanity. The two individuals will suffer penalties similar to those previously seen for Judah and are considered so seedy as to be rejected even from Hell. But who are these two characters so injured by the Poet?

Both were two Indian politicians who lived in the eighteenth century and both were considered the cause of the country’s fall into British hands. While the latter is mainly known that he betrayed, there is much more information about the former and he was one of the central figures of his own country, unfortunately with the never resolved vice of betrayal. In fact, he was at the center of numerous conspiracies to conquer the Bengal nawab throne, obtaining only ephemeral successes and the definitive English penetration in India.

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