Dar al Manasir, the land of dates

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Dar al Manasir, in the region of the 4th cataract of the Nile, is a place where time stopped centuries ago, giving the inhabitants a gift of immense value: the palm tree. This land, in fact, bases its entire existence on this plant, producing some of the best varieties in the world.

Where the Nile disperses

The region is one of the most particular in Sudan and whole Africa, thanks to the particular course of the Nile. The river, in its particular stretch, “breaks” and making it form many small oases, which bring life to the Nubian and Bayudah Desert, transforming them into the ideal place for the cultivation of palm trees. The latter are the true heritage of the region and take on an invaluable value, a true source of life for places otherwise wasted.

dar al manasir

In fact, in the 4th cataract, it is no longer possible to navigate the Nile with large boats, which has made the region particularly isolated for a long time. This meant that these plants occupied almost every area of the public and private life of the inhabitants, transforming this land into the real “date region”.

The land of palm trees

Everything in Dar al Manasir revolves around this type of plant, useful not only as a food but also as a means of construction and for producing objects. In addition, there is incredible attention to every phase of palm life, which are valued at the limit of the sacred. None of the inhabitants of the region would ever dream of selling their own plant, albeit in serious economic difficulties. Too central in the life of the place, assuming a value similar to that of the horse for the Turkmen tribes or the Arabian Peninsula.

dar al manasir

As for the latter, the passion pays off: Al Manasir dates are known among the best in the world, both for variety and quality. Over the centuries, in fact, an ever deeper selection has been made on their specimens, reaching, over the centuries, an almost absolute perfection both for taste and for properties. Thanks to the fruits of their palms, they managed to reach an unparalleled fame, even going so far as to compete with the dates of Haifa, the real “children of the palms”.

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