03 Bamsı Beyrek of the gray horse, first part

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One of the most famous characters of the Turkish epic, able to bewitch with cunning, passion and vicissitudes. The podcast series continues and with one of the greatest warriors in Oghuz history.

Bamsı Beyrek of the gray horse, first part

The third story taken from “The book of Dede Korkut”. In this adventure we will encounter for the first time in Bamsı Beyrek with the gray horse, one of the most famous heroes of the Turkish epic. Able to do anything to conquer his beloved Lady Cicek, the adventures of this character will take you to a land full of twists and turns, among madmen, merchants and the ancient traditions of the Oghuz Turks.

P.S. The story was particularly long and for this reason we decided to divide it into two parts, the next available from next Saturday. Together with the latter should then come out a bonus episode right on his figure. Podcasts are available on: Spreaker, Spotify,Apple Podcast, Google Podcast andCastbox; the choice of platform is yours.

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