“Mongol” by Sergej Bodrov

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One of the most beautiful films ever on Genghis Khan, able to tell us about the suffering behind the conqueror of the world and thus showing us the most human high. Mongol is an incredible and poetic hymn to reaction, told through the epic of one of the most extraordinary men in history.


The life and legend of Genghis Khan. Based on authoritative historical documents and written by Bodrov with Arif Aliyev, Mongol retraces the dramatic and tormented early years of the ruler born in 1162 with the name of Temujin – from his difficult childhood, to the battle that will mark his destiny – making it a complex portrait that he no longer paints him as the ruthless monster of the stereotype, but as a fearless and visionary noble leader. Mongol tells the story of an extraordinary man, revealing the foundation on which most of his greatness rested: the relationship with his wife Borte – great love of his life, and his most trusted adviser.

Jamukha, half-brother and later rival of Temujin

Greatness from suffering

In the film, part of an ideal trilogy, we are placed in front of the more human side of the Mongolian epic, collected in its origins. For most of the film we are not shown the bold warrior so loved and feared, as much as a simple scared boy, tendentially more gregarious than leader. Here, however, lies the fundamental core of human history, beautifully shown with the life of the future Genghis Khan.

The film, shot mostly in Kazakhstan and Inner Mongolia, will show us how the greatest conqueror of all ages suffered from hunger and cold, of how he was enslaved and humiliated and how his wife had to be sold to free him. Mongol is actually a hymn to reaction, to getting rid of suffering with your own hands and means, aiming to conquer the world from nothing. One joke, in particular, has remained etched in our mind, representing the real key to the film.

Temujin, the future Gengis Khan

During the final battle, in fact, a storm will break out and Temujin will be the only one not to flee, instilling courage in his ranks. To a question about the incredible courage, the future Khan will answer that, simply, he had been forced to sleep for years under storms, having no other place to go. Those who have already lost everything will not be afraid of losing the rest.

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