01 Boghach Khan, son of Dirse Khan

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The first real story of the book by Dede Korkut. In this first story, the protagonist will be Boghach Khan, a legendary warrior from an early childhood, who will be betrayed by someone who is truly unsuspected.

Boghach Khan and some notes

Our notes:

  • “Boghach” means about “bull man”
  • 40 is a number popularly used in the Middle East to define “multitude”
  • Kumis is an alcoholic drink derived from fermented mare / mare milk
  • Mount Kazılık roughly corresponds to Mount Aragats, the highest mountain in modern Armenia(which we put on the cover)
  • This legend is certainly of a nature prior to when the text was written, this can be seen from the fact that many of the characters have “almond-shaped eyes”

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