Days of the week: Saturday (and best wishes for 3eid)

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On the day when everything ceases, Ramadan also ends, a perfect way to remind the world once again of the vicinity between the Islamic and Jewish world. So let us take this opportunity to wish you a happy shabbat and a joyful eid

Saturdays according to Zakariyya ibn Muhammad al Qazwini

It is the feast day of the Jews. Al-Kalbi said: “Moses ordered the Sons of Israel to devote one day each week to devotion. They refused to consider any other day other than the Sabbath, stating:” It is the day when God finished creating the things”. They claimed that the events that happen on Saturday continue until the following Saturday. For this reason, on Saturdays they refrain from taking and giving “.

Muslims differ from them in this, because of the words spoken by the Envoy of God: “Blessed be my community for what it does on Saturday morning and Thursday”. The farmers claim that the palm planted on Saturday does not bear fruit.

“The wonders of creation”, Zakariyya ibn Muhammad al Qazwini

The day when everything ceases

We could only conclude our column with Saturday, a day that has always represented “the end”, whether it can be connected to the week, as in the case of many countries with a Muslim majority, or it can be connected to work, the true meaning of this very special day For the Jews, our older brothers in monotheism, it literally means “to rest” and is connected precisely to the myth of creation that would see God cease the creation of the world on this day, thus becoming “the Example” par excellence.


Precisely for this reason, during the Shabbat,the children of Israel are barred from 39 different activities, thus obliging the faithful to spend their day in the mere remembrance of God and in the beauty of the gifts granted to him by his Lord; absence to understand wealth.

Ramadan also ceases

This year the spirit of shabbat is getting stronger even among Muslims because today is the last day of Ramadan, a month that every year is transformed into something very similar to a long shabbat. Here too, in fact, we are deprived of our wealth to understand its value, living for a whole month a real suspension from everyday life, thus moving forward in a time that belongs only to God.


Since I don’t know what will come out tomorrow and since for some of you the sunset time has already struck, I take this opportunity to go ahead and wish you and your families the best possible 3eid. Ramadan marked by quarantine made us truly understand the importance and beauty of this month, giving us an even greater desire to celebrate the eid al adha and to discover the beauty of this long sacrifice. A deep thanks to all those who contributed to making it so beautiful, it would not have been the same without your contribution.

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