Days of the week: Friday, the Lord of days

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Friday within the Islamic world is “The Day”, the moment within the week in which everything submits to Allah and his will. It is also the day when people gather in the mosque

On Friday according to Zakariyya ibn Muhammad al Qazwini

It is the feast day of Islam and is the lord of days.

Abu Hurayra said that the messenger of God said: “The best day the sun rises is Friday. It is the day when Adam was created, where he was placed in Paradise and from there he was dropped to Earth, in which Allah forgave him, in which the Hour of Judgment will arise. There is no hour on Friday when a Muslim asks God for good and He does not grant it. ”

One of the first generations of Muslims said: “Allah the Most High has goods to a greater extent than what is necessary for men, and only gives what he has more to those who ask for it at nightfall on Thursday and Friday”.


It is handed down on the authority of Ibn Mas’ud: “He who cuts his nails on Friday, God removes the disease and restores him to health”. Al-Asma’i said: “One Friday I visited al-Rashid, while he was cutting his nails and saying,” Cutting your nails on Friday is part of the tradition. I have been told that it takes poverty away. “I asked him:” Prince of believers, do you fear poverty? “, He replied:” Is there anyone more fearful of poverty than me? “.

In the traditions handed down it is said: “Angels control man when the time of Friday prayers is late. Then they ask each other:” What does the man do? What makes him delay the time of prayer? “Then they say:” Our God, if it was poverty that caused him the delay, then make him rich! If it was an illness, heal him! If it was a job, let him finish it to be devoted to you! If it was fun, bend your heart to obey you! ”

“The wonders of creation”, Zakariyya ibn Muhammad al Qazwini

The Holy day

As explained extensively by al Qazwini, Friday within the Islamic world is “The Day”, the moment within the week in which everything submits to Allah and his will. Friday is the day when people gather in the mosque (hence the name الجمعة / al-Jumu’ah which means “the meeting”) and where the khutbah, or the sermon of the Imam, is held. It is the day when we dress more elegant than ever and the one when every invocation is accepted; moreover, as a testament to the festive atmosphere of every Friday, it is the day when fasting is strongly discouraged.


In every “historically muslim” country, the name of this day is de facto Jumuah, while in Latin and Germanic countries it is dedicated to Venus (Vener (-) dì) and Freya (fri (-) day).

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