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Monday has always been one of the days most associated with fasting and the sacred book, curiously, not only for Islam but for all monotheistic religions

Monday according to Zakariyya ibn Muhammad al Qazwini

A blessed day. On this day, as well as Thursday, God’s messenger applied assiduously and perseverance to fasting. He was asked about it and replied: “It is two days in which the work was raised to heaven: I wish that what I do was raised to heaven while I fast.”

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In a saying of the Prophet it is reported that the latter was born on Monday, had the revelation on Monday, left Mecca to emigrate to Medina on Monday, reached the latter on Monday and returned the soul of Monday. In Musnad, Ahmad ibn Hanbal traces this news back to Ibn Abbas.

“The wonders of creation”, Zakariyya ibn Muhammad al Qazwini

The day of fasting

Even more precise than the previous day, al Qazwini contains in its text all the main features of this day, known to the Arabs with the name of الأثنين or “the second” and famous for being “the beginning” of many aspects and events of life of the Prophet.

These aspects are also partially shared by the Jews, who consider it one of the best days to fast and one of the 3 (the others are Thursday and Saturday) in which the reading of the Torah is expected. Precisely to differentiate themselves from the people of Jesus, the first Christians instead opted for fasting on Wednesday, tying Monday especially with angels; however, due to the very strong connection between these beings and this practice, there are still several Eastern monks who choose to abstain from food and drinks on this day.

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