“And now where we go?” by Nadine Labaki

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“And now where we go” is a light film that is very reminiscent of films such as “Wake up Ned”, this time, however, set in Lebanon at the dawn of the civil war. Very interesting film and signed by Nadine Labaki, one of the greatest Arab directors of the moment

Where Do We Go Now?

In a remote village in Lebanon, Christians and Muslims live together in peace and harmony thanks to forced isolation with the rest of the country. The day the village kids retrieve a satellite dish and finally manage to receive the television signal, things in the community begin to change slowly. As news of religious struggles within Lebanon reaches the country, strange phenomena begin to occur, initially attributable to tacky jokes, such as blood instead of holy water in church or the uncontrolled entry of animals into the mosque.

The arrival of the infamous antenna

Soon, however, the village men blinded by racism towards the opposite faction become increasingly violent and intolerant. Women try to lift their spirits by devising different methods, such as the invitation of Ukrainian dancers or the use of drugs, but everything seems useless, and the situation continues to precipitate.

Irish spirit in Lebanon

The film is very reminiscent of films such as “Wake up Ned” or “Holy water”, in which microscopic and desolate villages find themselves facing absolutely over the top situations, however trying to “normalize” them as much as possible. Like the legendary British film series, this too aims to show us how such a small and insignificant event can lead to unimaginable consequences, forever altering the balance after years of “nothing”.

Village women preparing hashish biscuits

In this case, the director chooses to include the Lebanese civil war, in order to make the viewer understand all the follies generated by it, also showing us how such news was learned from the rest of the country. The Labaki film aims to dismantle the narrative of many factions that have always been at war, instead showing us the most human and decidedly most representative side of Lebanon, which has always been known for its great religious tolerance. “Where are we going now?” it is then a light film, at times surreal, which will keep us pleasant company during the afternoon, also providing us with an additional reading key on the history of this country. Available on Amazon Prime Video Italia.

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