“Islam in love” by Rania Ibrahim

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We waited until Ramadan finished to bring it to you, we are happy to present you one of the most interesting novels on sexuality in the Islamic world. Islam in Love tells the story of the love between Layla and Mark, a bond between opposites that will push both to review their beliefs.

Islam in love

The forbidden love story and passion between Laila, a veiled Anglo-Egyptian of Muslim faith, and Mark, son of a far-right party leader from the city of Dover. Laila is told with all its contradictions and insecurities, squeezed between two distant cultures. Sex, albeit forbidden, will be the territory that the two protagonists will cross naturally and with the cheekiness of their eighteen years. They will explore the underwater worlds that they hold in their hearts, ready to face an intimate clash of civilizations. Laila and Mark will completely strip themselves of their symbols, unquestionable dogmas for our society, loving each other beyond these.

Diary of a young Muslim woman

Rania Ibrahim’s novel (which we hope to interview shortly) is a sincere and frank collection of the first approaches of a Muslim girl to sexuality. The book really manages to bring the reader into Laila’s mind, showing faithfully also many “classic” details and experiences for second generation Muslims, often ignored by their peers. The role of the veil, in particular, at the same time a symbol of faith and temptation, has reminded us all too well of many first-hand experiences, bringing us back to distant memories.

Islam in Love

The figure of Mark, the “Nazi Viking”, fully represents the charm of the forbidden, upsetting the dreams of the devout Muslim. Never more than in this novel, opposites attract and their union will forever disturb the life of the two lovers.


The book is a love story and for this reason it focuses very much on Mark and Layla’s relationship, highlighting every aspect of it. Of course this also concerns what concerns sex which, together with love and opposites, is one of the most present themes. Islam in love can, in a certain sense, be divided between a “before” and “after” the first time of Layla, fully showing how it is a decisive moment for many girls, especially if Muslim.

Islam in love

From that moment, in fact, all dreams and expectations become serious, also giving flesh to what they had longed for before. Of course, however, this will mean a radical change in the lives of the two who, from that moment, will be forced to change their world view. A novel that looks more like a diary, able to fully enter the heart and mind of a young 2nd generation Muslim woman.

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