Moses and the Golden Calf

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The ascent of Moses on Mount Sinai and the destruction of the Golden Calf, the main events that mark the definitive birth of Judaism.

The meeting with Allah

Once the 12 fountains for the 12 tribes of Israel have gushed out, Moses and his people will reach Mount Sinai, entrusting the people to the command of his brother Harun and thus going to the top of the summit. Before going up there, however, the prophet will be ordained a 30-day fast, then lengthened to 40, a condition necessary for adequate purification.


Once this abstinence has been completed, he will go to the holy Tuwa Valley, take off his sandals and fall into prostration; at this point, he will ask Allah to appear before him, so as to satiate his heart. However, the Divine will inform him that it will not be possible for him to “show himself”, but rather will understand his presence from that of Sinai. As soon as the Lord appeared on the Mount it became dust and Moses fell electrocuted, when he awoke he no longer had any doubt about his faith.

The Golden Calf

Once he returns to the valley, however, he will realize that the situation in the Jewish camp is taking heretical and unexpected directions. During his absence, in fact, they began to worship the statue of a golden Calf, par excellence a symbol of polytheism and paganism.


This idol was created by the Samiri (character still not identified with certainty), who merged the jewels of the premises and thus produced the abominable artifact, then pushing the locals to worship him in the belief that he was the god of Moses. The reproaches of Harun will serve no purpose, thus giving the prophet the task of putting an end to this blasphemy. The latter will impose permanent social isolation on the guilty party and will definitively destroy the calf, then severely punishing those who betrayed God for the idol. Once this is done, the Jews will resume their journey to the promised land.

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