Moses and the Pharaoh

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After the encounter with God on Mount Sinai, the encounter with Pharaoh is decidedly the most important in the life and prophetic mission of Moses; moment without which, most likely, we would never have heard of him

The meeting

Having received the prophetic mission, Moses will leave for Egypt together with his brother Harun, determined more than ever to complete the task assigned to him by God; once arrived at the Pharaoh’s court, however, the situation will prove less easy than expected from the start. The ruler of the Egyptians, in fact, already has a very clear and precise idea about his adopted son and will not miss an opportunity to put him in difficulty.


After understanding the purpose and the owner of Moses, in fact, he will remind him, in great detail, of his past and his previous crime. The Prophet’s reply will be of little use, the pharaoh has already decided to brand him as a heretic and is already organizing one of the most difficult and demanding tests to test him once again.

The magic contest

In fact, the sovereign will announce a real magic challenge, in which the holy man will participate against the best magicians of all Egypt. Once they have cast their spells, Moses will respond with the magic granted to him by Allah, destroying in a few moments what they had generated with difficulty.


After this demonstration, the sorcerers will repent and immediately convert to monotheism, thus stumbling upon the supreme wrath of Pharaoh; the latter will first cut off alternating hands and feet and then crucify them on palm trunks. This episode is of fundamental importance since without the latter (and to the revelation of Sinai) the plagues of Egypt would not have occurred in any way. The anger of the pharaoh will become violent from this point, forcing Allah to send his tremendous punishment on the Egyptians, besides laying the foundations for what will be the Exodus.

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