Moses and the call of the Lord

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The most decisive point in the life of Moses was not so much the Exodus itself, but rather the meeting with his Lord on Mount Sinai, the moment in which the prophetic mission will be entrusted to him.

The turning point

The encounter between God and Moses on Mount Sinai represents one of the cardinal moments of the whole Book of Exodus, without it everything else could never have happened. On this mountain, in fact, Allah will definitively clarify to the new prophet both his past and his future, then certifying his role as a prophet.


Before then, in fact, Moses was none other than an orphan raised at the court of the pharaohs and then fled; only with this meeting will he fully understand his role in the world, thus dedicating himself totally to his mission: to free the Jews.

“Take off the sandals, you are in the holy valley of Tuwa”

At the time of Revelation, Moses is with his family and animals near Mount Sinai; here he will find a mysterious burning bush that strikes his attention as the flame does not seem to consume it in any way. Once approached to the mysterious plant, the verb of Allah will appear, ordering him to remove his sandals, thus honoring the sacredness of the place and the divinity of his interlocutor.

The mount Sinai

God will then perform 3 miracles: first he will transform the prophet’s staff into a snake, then he will whiten his hand and finally he will grant his protege the miracle that the latter asked him: eliminate his stutter. Once the prodigies have been fulfilled, Moses will leave immediately for the house of the Pharaoh, determined more than ever to fulfill the great mission that has been entrusted to him.

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