Thanks for the great month

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Ramadan ends today, the most particular month of the whole year, an experience for believers and not that we were happy to have spent together. Today is not an article like all the others but a thank you for the wonderful experiences we have lived together. It was certainly not our most intense Ramadan or the one in which we spent several evenings out, but it was the one in which we learned the most.

Given the past years, we feared to end up in our days in the “dolce far niente”, leaving out everything because we were overcome by fatigue, one of the true queens of this month. Thanks to you, however, we have found the strength to go on, bringing our little contribution to the Middle East theme every day and surprising us every day for the wonders that were hidden from us before. During this Ramadan we learned how never done before, moreover in conditions much more extreme than usual, too bewitched by our audience to even think from a distance to give up.

What can I say: THANK YOU! From all the Middle East staff. We wish 3eid Mubarak to all Muslims and a fantastic day for those who are not, it would be wonderful to spend it all together, mindful of the sacred fire that unites all humanity.

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