Quarantine as little Ramadan

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Because of this tremendous pandemic, many of us have been forced to start quarantine right now, which, in a sense, leads us to experience typical Ramadan situations and behaviors. Obliged to select only essential actions and objects, worrying more than ever about their real value.

Ramadan, the month of suspension

Here we are, the most important and intense month of the year is about to return, bringing with it the joys and torments that only faith is able to give. A long period in which everything seems to crystallize, almost as if that time escaped human logic, dazzling with its divine nature. During Ramadan, families get together and, especially for those abroad, we find ourselves spending whole days with people who were previously far away for ideas and spaces.


A month in which solidarity and generosity play a role of absolute importance, also because during Ramadan good deeds are worth more than at any other time of the year, pushing believers to be pious at 360 °. In this every inhabitant tries to honor the hadith: “It is not a true believer who goes to sleep with a full stomach, while his neighbor suffers hunger”, so much so that there are public authority and private bodies that take care of feeding needy. Something very similar to what is already happening to the whole world, united by an infamous contagion that, precisely for this reason, has much to teach.

Covid and Ramadan

Because of this tremendous pandemic, in fact, many of us have been forced to start quarantine now, which is extremely tiring and heavy, but which, in a certain sense, leads us to live situations and behavior typical of the sacred month. As in the latter, in fact, we are obliged to select only the essential actions and objects, worrying more than ever about their real value at the moment.


As during Ramadan, we are forced to detach ourselves from our habits, trying to identify only what is really positive and, at the same time, understanding what our “drugs” were, what we really struggle to get rid of. This quarantine is forcing us to look at nature with a different eye, no longer with the breathless gaze of those who only have to run, but with those who are truly eager to reach the peace. In the hope that this sad moment will end soon, I want to invite you to a reflection on your existence and on how your habits have changed from here to a month; perhaps they will be banal and slow, but they will certainly be more true.

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