Juz 9: the real believer

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2 verses containing the first 3 pillars of Islam: shahada “testimony of faith, salat” prayer “and zakat” charity “. Particular that, as for faith, the former is hidden from the eyes of most

Those whose hearts tremble

Surat Al Anfal is revealed shortly after the battle of Badr, an event of historic significance for Muslims, who will defeat an army three times the size of theirs. This event will also allow the community to resist, imposing itself as a true reality within the Arabian Peninsula, which is definitely not obvious given the premises. Precisely for this reason, in this “chapter” reference is often made to the duties of the believer and his spirit, the principle subjects of these 2 verses.

Juz 9, Surat Al Anfal, vv. 2-3

Here the emphasis is mainly on 3 aspects, which then became the first 3 pillars of Islam: shahada “testimony of faith”, salat “prayer” and zakat “charity”. If the last two aspects are easily identifiable, the first is less so, a metaphor in a certain sense of faith. For Muslims, in fact, the first step to becoming a believer is to believe intimately in the uniqueness of God and in the role of Muhammad as his prophet, which is not necessarily manifested in practical life.

Of course, those who believe and do not pray are wrong, but without shahada everything becomes completely useless in the eyes of Allah, who cannot accept it. Wonderful is the metaphor of the heart that trembles when listening to its Lord, a perfect description of what happens to those who are humble in faith and who, like children attracted to music, approach him. An incredible experience that only happens to the lucky ones, a true sign of the dialogue between human and divine.

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