Juz 8: the food

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Islam has always set itself the goal of raising the lives of its faithful, both physically and spiritually. This verse refers to the first case, bringing us a summary of the 4 absolutely forbidden foods for this creed.

The food

Islam is a faith that involves the believer at 360 °, leading him to perform actions and gestures that improve his life in toto, not only as regards the spirit. Precisely in this perspective, the verse in question is added, a small food revolution for the faithful of the time. In this passage Allah forbids carcasses, blood and pork and that on which other divinity has been invoked, foods that are destined to bring more harm than benefit to man and for this reason canceled from his diet.

Juz 8, Surat An Na’am, vv.145

Once again, however, we are also confronted with the question of Niyyah, or of intention, fundamental to distinguish between innocent and guilty. In Islam, it is the true needle of the balance to understand one’s actions, truly direct and immediate contact with one’s creator, as well as the purest image of ourselves. Also very interesting is the first part of the verse that limits forbidden foods to these 4 categories, mistrusting anyone else who adds elements to this divine list.

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