Juz 6: Whoever saves the innocent saves humanity

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In a historical moment in which the castaway is left to drown, innocent women are killed every day out of jealousy and bullets fly into the streets, this verse gives new hope to the whole human race. “And whoever killed an innocent man killed all humanity, whoever saves one, will save all humanity.”

And whoever kills a man will have killed all of humanity

One of the strongest verses ever for meaning and expressive power. “Anyone who kills an innocent man will be as if he had killed all of humanity”, a message that does not accept replies and that silences any debate on the subject. The Quran, however, does not just “punish”, but also shows the opposite action: save an innocent.

Juz 6, Surat Al Ma’idah, vv.32

Gesture already taken up in our last appointment and which today sees its perfect synthesis. Yesterday we spoke to you about migrants “on the way of Allah”, a path shared by many of the refugees who cross the sea every day in the hope of a better life. In light of these two verses and of the dramatic actuality, who is more worthy of mercy than those who dedicate themselves to saving those who flee from pain and infamy? Fill well the time you are given in Ramadan, because the rewards for good are great and humanity always needs to be saved by itself.

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