Juz 3: There is no compulsion in religion

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Today’s verse is one of the most important ever, a real point of reference for relating with anyone, whether Muslim or not. An incredibly strong verse for us that we really wanted to show you.

The straight line distinguishes you from the error

Probably one of the most important verses ever for what it expresses and, paradoxically, one of the best known to have double interpretations. Verse 256 can in fact be read both in a “multi-denominational” perspective, and in a more intimate way, finding oneself in front of concepts similar to those glimpsed in the first Juz.

Juz 3, Surat al Baqara, vv. 256

In the previous step, the legendary ayat al kursi (“the verse of the throne”), God shows himself in all his power, once again placing the choice of his own destiny on the faithful. In fact, he is free to follow his Lord or not, nobody will be able to force him and, as seen in the previous Juz, nobody will be able to save him if he does not want him first. Paradoxical is the fact that, precisely because of this verse, no one can actually force anyone to act, not even to follow Islam. In fact, as we will reaffirm later, God has power over everything, including “unbelievers” of all sorts. Precisely for this reason it is useless to force the hand, a sin that is on a par with many others. The verse is also really interesting for the freedom it grants to other faiths, something that had rarely been seen in human history before. As we said before, in fact, this verse must not and cannot be applied to the mere Ummah (“Islamic community“), but must become a point of reference for every aspect of the relationship with others, regardless of who they are and what they do.

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Arabic calligraphy
La ikraha fi al din “There is no compulsion in religion” (Surat al Baqara, v.256)

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