Juz 10: Help yourself than God help you

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The fundamental concept in Islam is the power reserved for the human being, the only real architect of one’s destiny. To change the world, however, you must first change your heart, the only way to access unknown traits of yourself.

Change yourself to change the world

A verse that highlights a profound truth, very often ignored in the hope of a “butler God” who solves our problems instantly. Allah, in this passage, instead shows us the path that the believer must face if he really wants to transform his future: to change internally.

juz 10
Juz 10, Surat At Anfaal, vv.53

Many people began to debate on the issue, creating an underlying message so powerful as to cross centuries and cultures. As the Romans said: “errare humanum est perseverare autem diabolicum”, to err is human, to persevere is diabolical. This same process is also visible in the verse, of course here with a background of religion that elevates its meaning. If you really want to change your fate, the inner transformation is something that must be accepted and accomplished, whatever the cost. It naturally requires more sacrifice and effort than an external change, but its benefits are absolute and lasting; this is because in the end we would be the first to be different, facing problems in an innovative way and discovering new sides of ourselves. The total absence of hypotheses, then, shows us even more how solid and unshakeable this concept is, a unique and immutable truth for all humanity.

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