Ancient Egypt and the woman

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Once again the ancient Egyptians surprise for modernity and civilization, this time regarding a burning issue still today: the role of women

The complementarity of the sexes

Since its inception, the Egyptian civilization was distinguished by many of its contemporaries for the treatment reserved for women, which was unmatched in any other known place. Unlike realities such as Athens and Babylon, where for much of their history women were considered as infants, in Egypt there was no clear distinction between genders. Naturally the man had greater ease of access to positions and roles of power, but this was never insurmountable, allowing many people an enviable career even today.

egypt woman

This was possible due to a very important principle in the Egyptian psyche, that is complementarity. This concept was extremely widespread among the inhabitants of the Nile, extending it to very different levels, including the religious one. It is no coincidence that Seth, god of chaos, was worshiped as much as Horus, god of order; the Egyptians were in fact convinced that for the presence of one, the other was also necessary and that, precisely for this reason, sometimes roles could be transformed.

The woman in Ancient Egypt

All this took place both at lower levels, such as the management, also economically, of the fields, and at higher levels such as, for example, medicine, writing and justice; in fact, even the names of some female doctors such as Peseshet or great “company managers” such as Nenofer have arrived.

egypt woman

Another interesting element is represented by the existence of both abortion and contraceptive methods, tending to be more present in societies also developed in terms of rights and which, not surprisingly, saw their birth in Ancient Egypt. Furthermore, always on the banks of the Nile, the first “babysitters” appeared, which allowed the ladies to dedicate themselves to other things such as perfumery, singing or, more simply, to their own profession.

The first sovereign women in the world

As is well known, it was not only women “of the people” who could achieve prestigious positions, but this also applied to the most important role ever: that of Pharaoh. Countless, in fact, the cases in which it was not the male heir who rose to the throne, but rather the wife, daughter or mother of the sovereign. Many times, in the immense history of this country, it was decided to focus on quality and this regardless of gender, providing some of the most glorious examples of sovereigns that history has ever seen.

egypt woman

The most famous of all were without a shadow of a doubt Hatshepsut, Nefertiti and Cleopatra VII, however there are many pharaohs on whom it is doubtful they were Pharaoh, making the incredible emancipation of the time even more evident.

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