Narcy, from Basra to conquer the world

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The other day we talked to you about Meryem Saci, the next obligatory stop can only be Narcy, one of the most multifaceted artists of the entire hip-hop panorama.

Iraq, Dubai and Montreal

Yassin Al Salman, aka Narcy, was born in Dubai in 1982. His is immediately clear that it is not a story like any other: his family is originally from Basra, in Italian Bassora, one of the cities with the most complex history in the world. It is the city that has always been at the center of the disputes between Arabs and Persians, located in the strip of land between the Tigris and the Euphrates, it has always been considered the border between the two peoples. Even with regard to the origin there are disputes: the Persians say that it was the ancient Vahishtābādh, the Arabs that it arose from a military camp.


From this city his parents emigrated to Dubai but then, for various reasons, in 1987 they were forced to move further away from home: to Montreal, Canada. However, the family will not forget the Emirates and in fact the young Yassin goes back and forth from one country to another. Once it is definitively established, it gets to work in what is its habitat: music. He quickly entered the musical scene of Montreal with his group Euphrates by releasing 2 albums. Since 2007 he has chosen to start his own business and it is here that Narcy was born.

Basra in the heart

Narcy’s pieces are sought after both in sound and in text, here you can see the rapper’s polyhedria, able to make him face a new “challenge” on every record. Each album has its own sound capable of better characterizing the text below, the hot spot. Narcy’s texts speak of everything: politics, religion, social denunciation, there is everything. At the center, however, there is always Basra, home of its roots and all the mixes. Basra is perceived in all its forms, a part of the heart even more than history. The city reflects through Narcy its being the first ever to have mixed origins: Arab and Persian, an example of ante-litteram cosmopolitanism.

Thanks to his talent, Narcy was then able to definitely enter the center of the Arab hip-hop scene. Not only collaborations with Montreal artists such as Meryem Saci, over the years he has dueted with rappers of the caliber of Omar Offendum, DAM, 47 Souls and many others, becoming an absolute reference point for the underground hip-hop scene.

Narcy is a guarantee for anyone looking for beautiful music. His lyrics lead the mind to reflect and with a sound that adapts precisely to allow an experience that is always precise and never out of context. Basra will contribute to this, never forgotten and fixed background of Narcy’s works.

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