Meryem Saci, Algeria and Montreal in music

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A pleasant and unusual discovery, the voice of the Nomadic Massive has a rhythm that enchants and makes you fly far.

Africa, Algeria and Canada

Maryem Saci comes from afar and her name says it all. She is the daughter of a single mother who raised her and brought her to Canada to escape the civil war. His voice has adapted to the two lands, managing to bring back the most characteristic melodies of the two continents. Thanks to her timbre, she immediately became noticed by the Nomadic Massive group, of which she has been the voice for years, opening the concerts of the likes of Mos Def, Public Enemy and Busta Rhymes. His duets with legendary artists of the Arab hip-hop scene such as Narcy and Omar Offendum are also legendary. In 2017 Meryem Saci then launched On My Way, the first solo album in which he brings out his more afro soul.


A striking stamp

Meryem’s voice has the ability to blend perfectly with our prototype of Afro night singer, leaving behind that pinch of underground. Just listen to one of his pieces to understand what kind of music he comes from and what artists he has worked with. Her is the 2nd generation of Arab Americans. Those who grew up during the early 2000s and who understood that after 11 September a new identity must be found, one that allows not to betray neither the origins nor the home. From this environment Meryem’s voice is born and from this inherits its characteristics. Meryem Saci is a versatile singer with a tone of voice that, in whatever genre you put it, enchants. A discovery to watch out for.

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