Dry like the desert

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From your thousand colors all the greatest empires have passed and from all of them you have learned lessons, from them you learned languages, customs and knowledge, but none of them took you: not Arabic with its language, not Tuareg with its infinite freedom, not Berber with its ancient traditions.

But you have enriched them with your precious water, hidden by that thick sand that you use to cover yourself and to hide the treasures from those who are not worthy.

Many have fantasized about you, they have attributed mysteries, gems and even magical creatures to you, you have let them do it because diamonds do not speak and prophets do not boast titles.

However, a physical place was not enough because what really has value is not only physical but also interior, and so the Arabs brought you to Italy and Spain, and so the Tuaregs first in Africa and then in America.

You are dry like the desert

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