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I look around these days, I start to reflect on something about which until some time ago I knew how to give an answer but which, inevitably, can no longer be the same: everyone has his flag, which is a political faith, a cause or trivially a group of friends. Thanks to their flag, people manage to juggle the world, always remembering what it is and what it isn’t. The question I asked myself then was: but do I have a flag? and consequently: who am I?

How can those who have made so many changes, each time discovering different realities and myths, identify themselves in something outlined and that allows them to look at the world from a precise point of view? I, who feel Turkish and Neapolitan, despite never having lived in one of these 2 places and who in fact has abandoned all struggle except the Palestinian one; I, who frequent groups of friends so different that they don’t want to exchange even a word between them, how can I therefore find a flag and “companions” for me?

Perhaps I could observe what in the past has allowed me to identify myself in some very specific reality, but I am sure that I would not find a clear link with who I am now. Perhaps the key is what prompted me to transform myself into what I am today; I should then identify myself with the film, “The Reluctant Fundamentalist” which perhaps is right to place as the first stone of this transformation.

But how can it be a flag symbol film, how can it produce companions and / or social identification? We could then move on to the idea that the film hides, that is, the existence of a single “gray world”, of which we are all part and within which opposites attract and complement each other in an eternal waltz. I confess that I still have not been able to find the solution to my problem, but in the meantime I will be satisfied with this.

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