Salah, the most human of Egypt

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Mohamed Salah, not only the strongest Egyptian player ever, not just a symbol for Africa, is the most beautiful part that Egypt has to offer, it is what makes you feel proud to be Egyptian.

Humble origins

It could only begin the story of Mohamed Salah, the most Egyptian of Egyptians, born in a country where those who made history came from the land of villages on the banks of the Nile. He was born in Nagrig, a small village near Basyoun, so important that on Wikipedia the entry is present only in the English-speaking edition and basically tells you that Salah was born there, probably an Egyptian wrote it … In local high school he knows what will become his wife: Magi Sadiq. Their story is so sweet because, in a world where footballers live separate from everything else, Salah constantly shows us that he is the true son of his people, probably the one I miss in Mido, another great Egyptian symbol.


The most human of all

One could also tell the “History of Salah” but perhaps it would not do it justice, its history is so particular precisely because it is the most human of all. “A man who uses his talent to make his land happy.” Even this would be enough, the results are all a consequence. In fact, what made us fall in love with Salah is simplicity, that of a boy who returns to Nagrig for each Ramadan to play with the children of his village. That of those who financed one of the most important hospitals in Egypt right in his village and who every time he marks thanks his God and who called his daughter Makka in the name of the Holy City.

Normal that has these results, normal that he managed to bring his Egypt to the World Cup after 27 years of absence, a feat not even to Aboutreika, another great symbol of football Egypt. The difference between the two was precisely political affiliation: Aboutreika was a symbol of Egypt and of the Muslim Brothers, Salah of Egypt and the humble, regardless of political opinion. When he played Aboutreika he did it for the persecuted, when Salah plays he does it for the whole world.

Today, the last game at the World Cup, however, we know that it will not cease to amaze us: “Mr Salah but how human you are”.

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