Dub Inc., the cabilian reggae made in France

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Not all groups are the same, there are those who listen for a little joy, those to think and those to feel at home. The Dub Inc. they are all this with a new rhythm in the middle, between Africa and Europe

From Saint Etienne to conquering the world

Since I listened to the first piece of this group I have literally fallen in love with it. It was a time when I had given myself heavily to reggae roots music and after the umpteenth piece about Babylon or how much we smoke Alboroise needed something different. It was Spotify himself who gave me the solution by bringing me in mind to Saint Etienne from the most surprising group of the whole reggae scene. Notice to mariners: the issues are social and have very little to do with the classic rasta.

Reggae is just an excuse to make the sounds lighter and for everyone, a bit like their philosophy, to open up to the world and fly thanks to diversity. Dub Incorporations were born in “97 in Saint Etienne, in the heart of mining and workers France, the group has 2 central and fixed figures that give rhythm to the rest of the group: Hakim Meridja” Bouchkour “and Aurelien Zohou” Komlan “, the voices of the group. Those who know a minimum the second generations will not struggle to identify them as such, but it is thanks to their origins that they have managed to make their pieces so well.

dub inc
Aurelien Zohou “Komlan” and Hakim Meridja “Bouchkour”

Wide-ranging topics

An example is “Maché Bécif”, a piece with many verses in cabilo, the language of the Berbers of Algeria who immigrated to France. Perhaps one of their symbolic pieces, decidedly intimate and with many contaminations chasing each other throughout France. The presence of the cabilo then makes it even more tied to anyone who feels a little in the middle, neither African nor Arab, making it almost a hymn to their mixed origins. These are the typical themes of this group, always faithful to the earth and to those who live there, like a traveler who has returned home to teach the world.

Not only second generations, however, Dub Inc are of global inspiration and their focus is the last. It is in fact for them that songs like “Don’t be a Victim” or “Justice” have been written, both performed together with other artists. Their global reach is also shown by their popularity outside of France with sold out concerts even in Mexico. But don’t be fooled, Dub Inc are open to the different but have always remained true to themselves, refusing to move to Paris or to change the record label. Happiness is that with your people and anyone who wants to join.

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