Reflections of late Ramadan

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At the end of Ramadan it is time for reflections, to analyze the path traveled, the good and the least stages, so as to realize if the direction was the right one.

This Ramadan has been gradual, from bottom to top, step by step without ever stopping. Ramadan was not the most social and not even that of “Great Actions”, but this was precisely my push. I came from a particular period, with the head too often lost and with the body that began to purge 2 very particular years. This Ramadan made me understand what it means to entrust oneself to God. What it means to always see the good side, trusting in one’s own nya, one’s intention, the only cloak before the King of the Worlds. There’s more, he pushed me back into the embrace of my Ummah, always warm and welcoming.

This Ramadan made sure that I reunited with myself, away from the distractions and ready to stay there, In’sh’Allah.

3eid Mubarak to everyone!

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