Following in the footsteps of Ibn Battuta, we present our Patreon

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After so many unforeseen events and misadventures we are proud to announce it: the Middle East and Surroundings Patreon is finally available. Something designed to make you relive the footsteps of the most legendary traveler ever at home, ready for the long journey?

Following in the footsteps of Ibn Battuta

It took much longer than expected but in the end we are there: the Medio Oriente e Dintorni’s Patreon is finally online. An adventure that I can’t wait to share with you, taking you to 360 ° in the “Islamic world”, savoring music, flavors, stories and creativity. As a route I decided to rely on that undertaken by Ibn Battuta, the greatest traveler of all time, who from his Morocco went to Siberia, Indonesia and Tanzania, thus going to touch every point of this area of the world so as to we celebrated. It is no coincidence that the first e-book will be that of the legendary traveler, in order to allow you to have a clear path and be able to really relive his footsteps.

Ibn Battuta

I speak in first person because it is right that you know that everything you see registered in the Middle East and Surroundings is the exclusive result of my work, done with a lot of passion and commitment but with absolutely 0 funds. With this new adventure I hope to be able to really transform everything into a job, finally allowing the project to grow with solid foundations. I thank you in advance if you decide to participate, this is my world and I can finally raise the level. Let’s go now to see what the various rewards consist of.

P.s. Patreon is a service that allows you to “subscribe” to a particular content creator in exchange for monthly rewards.

6 levels

Support (€ 3)

The first offer is designed for those who would like to support the project but do not want to receive anything in return. Thank you so much for your support

Music and Telegram (€ 5)

Once a month an exclusive playlist will be created for the participants of the Patreon where the best songs and artists will be inserted to experience the mood of that particular theme and place. It will also create a playlist for users where everyone can put what most reminds them of that topic. You will also have access to the exclusive Telegram group in order to receive all the latest news from the site, Youtube and podcasts via links.

Habib Belk
One of the protagonists of our playlists

The Thousand and One Nights 2.0 (10 €)

In addition to the previous offer (they are all cumulative), once a month you will receive one of the stories that will make up a sort of “The thousand and one nights 2.0”, with a story combined with the country of the month. Texts written (as always) by Khalid Valisi.

Chef Khalid (20€)

Once a month, a typical recipe from area x or a creation by chef Khalid will be sent, which will take advantage of an ingredient particularly linked to the theme. To accompany it all there will be an article and a special video which will narrate the origin and culture of the ingredient / recipe of the month.

The first issue: msemmen stuffed Italian

E-book (25€)

Once a month I will select an e-book related to the theme / area of the month and send it to our users. If the ebook is not available in Italian, we will try to send users the book using Amazon shipments, however the ebook will always be preferred over the hard copy. (In this case, any shipping costs are paid by the reader). The first month the book will be “The travels” by Ibn Battuta.

Artist (30 €)

Once a month we will send to our members 1 to 3 works by an artist who fully represents this area / theme. It can be a detail, a nice sketch, an alternative version or something made ad hoc for MOeD, the choice will be up to the creative.


Important note: except in special cases, we will not ship anything physical; you will receive digital copies of everything you have read.

Are you curious? Choose the offer that’s right for you and let’s go on this incredible journey together. The next issue will have Egypt as its theme, the first the Maghreb.

Do you want to follow in the footsteps of the legendary Ibn Battuta? You will find here how to do it. Follow us on our facebook page, Spotify, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram, or on our Telegram channel. Any like, sharing or support is welcome and helps us to devote ourselves more and more to our passion: telling the Middle East.

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