Amira Kheir, Italian-Sudanese diva

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We continue to talk to you about music, with one of the most interesting promises regarding African and Saharan music. Defined by the BBC as “Diva of the Sudanese Desert”, Amira Kheir will transport you to a new world, made of melodies that unite Nubia and the West in a real “mystical dance”.

Mystic Dance

The new album by the Italian-Sudanese artist brings songs with a Saharan backbone, but with deep jazz imprints that make their entrance several times, enriching the pieces of a beautiful and complex soul. The voice of Amira Kheir is unmistakable and will enrich each song with a strong and pulsating soul heart, which will be able to juggle both towards Africa and towards the Anglo-Saxon world.

Amira Kheir
The new album

The artist’s talent is precisely to vary both language and composition on several occasions, without however causing this to upset the whole but, on the contrary, in a certain sense tells his story. Amira Kheir spent her childhood between Italy and Sudan, the motherland of her parents, and then found the place to detonate her talent in London. A city that in a certain sense is honored in the songs and melodies of the jazz soul, discovered definitively in the UK.

Diva of the Nubian Desert

However, the side we appreciate most is the absolutely African soul that you breathe in its songs, a hypnotic rhythm that, like a mirage under the Sun, will bring you to ever new atmospheres. In his latest album in particular, Amira Kheir will show us all the souls of the desert, going from frenetic songs like Manaok to some with infinite tranquility like Nasaim Allel. A profound musical experience in the new Sudanese music, yet another “brain on the run” still absolutely unknown in Italy and which, also for its past, should be discovered.

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