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We decided to dedicate a whole week to Nowruz, the Persian New Year, a thousand-year festival still celebrated today in this part of the world. Following an ancient local tradition, each day of the week will follow a specific theme, aimed at showing one of the faces of this incredible culture.

Our Hafta Sin

Wanting to dedicate a whole week to Nowruz, we thought that the tradition of the Hafta Sin was perfect for organizing a program really in theme with the soul of this party. As for the real New Year, we contacted those who really experience it every year, more than ever curious about a direct experience. In the coming days you will know more, in the meantime we contextualize our programming.

Hafta sin
sabzeh, sprouted barley grains, a symbol of rebirth

The Hafta Sin, or “Seven S”, is a particular way of setting the table typical of the Nowruz period, in which each object is linked to a particular wish for the coming year. The number 7 is particularly important in Persian culture and has its origins even in Zoroastrianism, a religion that has turned into popular tradition in many ways. We of Medio Oriente e Dintorni have decided to resume this tradition, adding our very personal touch to it.

7 days and 7 symbols

Yesterday we brought “abundance”, which we associate with the vastness of peoples present in Iran and which is traditionally represented with samanu, a mixture of sprouted and toasted barley. Today will be the turn of the “rebirth” and in the next few days we will have, in order: “love”, “health”, “beauty” and “harshness of life”, ending Sunday with “patience and wisdom”. We wanted to make this article (postpone but do not cancel today’s one), also to thank those who are helping us in our intent.

Hafta sin
The samanu, symbol of abundance

During the week we will have the honor of relying on articles by Iranweb and Saman Javadi, concluding on the weekend with 2 days dedicated to the Ponte33 publishing house and its new book “The ram”. At the end of each article you will find the symbol of the day, also visible in the stories on our pages. We really hope you like our week, during the week we could do as Amu Nowruz and also give you some more gifts, who knows …

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