The Dungan revolt: intro

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The Dungan revolt represents 15 years of endless clashes between the Muslim populations of China against the Qing government; an event that will also involve Russian, British and Ottoman Empire, as well as legendary figures of the caliber of Yaqub Beg and which, unfortunately, will bring much suffering throughout Asia.

The birth of modern China

The Dungan revolt represents one of the most important moments ever to better understand the different situations still going on in China today. The latter will in fact be one of the last riots in the most tormented period ever for the fate of the Middle Kingdom, with the Qing dynasty that began to struggle to control the growing discontent over corruption of the state.


Starting from the conquest of Zungaria, in fact, the Beijing government will face one revolt after another, to which will be added the wars fought against various European powers and beyond. It will be in this climate of constant tension that many of the characteristics of the country visible and still active today will emerge, thus forming the state base which will then be inherited by Mao Zedong.

Better than a great fantasy

Originally my goal was to tell you the history of the Uyghurs, which, however, is impossible to fully understand if not talking about these riots. This moment represents a real turning point in Chinese history, with local Muslims who will then be forced mostly to emigrate to the neighboring territories, alternating forever the balance of different regions.


Furthermore, only 25 million people will die during the Dungan uprising, not to mention the Jahriyya, Panthay and Afaqi Khoja riots; and this only for “the Muslim part of China“. A story that cannot be completely ignored given the country’s weight in the world balance. Just one thing: precisely because it is very interesting, we intend to delve into everything well and take all the time we need; consequently, the week in which we will end, we will no longer publish anything until the final realization (and subsequent launch) of the Patreon. For us it is almost a violence but we absolutely need to start that type of adventure too.

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