The epic of Genghis Khan

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The epic story of Genghis Khan according to the “Secret story of the Mongols”, a book that tells the first steps of the most incredible conqueror of all time; (Friday an article on the book).

Temüjin, the king of nothing

According to the Mongolian chronicles, Temüjin was born around 1162, the year of the water horse, from the union of Hoelun and Yesügei Borjin, the father of the future Genghis Khan. The latter observed for the first time his future wife during a trip on horseback and, falling in love with her, decided to kidnap her and make her his own, threatening her husband, a member of the Merkit tribe, with death. This episode will be crucial for the future, as the offended will return to be felt, causing many problems for the future Conqueror of the world. At 9 years old, Yesügei decided that the time had come to find little Temüjin’s wife, making the choice fall on Börte of the Ongirrats, which the future Khan of the Khans will marry shortly thereafter, then finally joining them once they have passed puberty.

Genghis Khan

During the return journey, however, Yesügei will be poisoned by Tatars met on the way, leaving the de facto Borjin clan without authority in the face of the arrogance and violence of the Mongolian steppe. The Tayichiuds, a clan related to that of the Mongolian leader, took advantage of the opportunity to exile Hoelun and his race, also depriving Temüjin of freedom. In fact, he was captured and taken as a prisoner in their camp, managing to free himself only with the help of Sorqan Shira, who, risking his life, gave him refuge and protection, allowing him to return home.

The unstoppable conquest of Mongolia

At 16 she decided to confirm her marriage to Börte, bringing her to live permanently in her field; the Merkits, however, mindful of the confrontation suffered by Yesügei, kidnapped her, forcing the Khan to the first real and great military campaign. In fact, he turned to Toghrul, the Wang Khan of the Kereites, and to Jamukha of the Jadaran, commanders of great armies and blood brothers of his father (the first) and his (the second). Thanks to their support, he completely annihilated the threat, obtaining the first great success and being named Genghis Khan for the first time by popular proclamation. After this campaign, Temüjin will be definitively adopted by Wang Khan, soon starting another with the new godfather in order to massacre all the Tatars, guilty of having brought death and destruction to Keraites and Borjin.

Genghis Khan

After yet another success, tensions began to build up in the family of Toghrul with Senggüm, his son, who began to be increasingly jealous of his adopted brother. He, assisted by Jamukha, will put ever greater pressure on his father to create a clash, then effectively leading to a war against Genghis Khan that will cost everything to his race. At this point, however, Jamukha took refuge from the Naiman, historical enemies of the future King of the world, thus starting a new military campaign, the last before becoming definitively Khan of all the Mongols. It will be precisely following this clash that Jamukha will be captured, who will pray for a long time for his blood brother not to be spared, obtaining this only after long negotiations. At this point, in 1209, Genghis Khan was finally ready to go beyond Mongolian borders.

Genghis Khan

From that date, his army will set anyone on fire in front of him, succeeding, in a few years, in conquering the Tangut Empire, the Kara Khitan, Khwarazm and Persia, pushing his troops to Baghdad

Genghis Khan
The Empire at its maximum expansion

In 1227 he started his last military campaign, once again fought against the Tangut Empire, which had allowed itself to disrespect the Khan of the Khans, fueling its fatal wrath. Unfortunately, following a hunting trip, the Mongolian hero fell from his horse, suffering a blow that will bring him following his death, which took place the same year after the capture of their capital, modern Yinchuan. To continue the legendary lineage will be Ögödei, third son chosen by the Khan himself.

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