MC Raï, the Maghreb music revolution

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One of the most interesting artists ever of the new Raï music, able to fascinate with melodies and combinations never seen before. MC Raï is a pearl to be enjoyed away from prying eyes, letting us be enchanted by unique rhythms, so beautiful that they even land in Hollywood

Mc Raï, between Gabes and Oran

Mc Raï was born in 1977 in Gabes, a city in southern Tunisia. From an early age he will be passionate about Tunisian chaabi music, starting to perform since he was 8 years old and continuing until 18. After that age, the young singer will begin to become more and more passionate about Algerian Raï music, finding in artists such as Faudel, Cheb Khaled and many others, his new rhythmic reference point. His goal, however, will immediately be to unite the styles of the two countries, rather than cannibalizing his talent in chaabi.

Mc Raï

Once the first satisfactory results have been achieved, in 2000 he will leave his native land for San Francisco, with the specific intention of bringing a new development of its kind to the States. The success will come immediately, allowing him to perform in numerous venues on the Bay, as well as performances with the likes of Cheb Khaled. In 2005 he will release his first album, Raivolution, which will allow him to be noticed for the first time by several Hollywood producers, even leading him to write the soundtracks of several films, including Sacha Baron Cohen‘s “The Dictator”. From that moment on, his career was divided mostly between cinema and record studios, leading him to record several pieces also with Artmasta, a famous Tunisian singer.

Fusion of styles

Mc Raï’s sound is absolutely unique and irresistible, bringing, in a single song, influences and styles from every corner of the world of music. There are songs with oriental rhythms such as “Sahran” and other “pirates” such as “L’Amaar” (the version of the album Raivolution), all united, however, by a painstaking choice in the choice of notes and melodies, so as to transform each piece in an independent experience.

His musicality is very reminiscent of the history of the two countries he represents, with constant references to what could have been heard on board a corsair ship, be it at sea or in some distant exotic land. Mc Raï is one of those unexpected experiences that can upset your tastes forever.

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