Innov Gnawa, African tradition in NYC

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One of the most interesting groups of the moment regarding the international Gnawa scene. Innov Gnawa leave Morocco to conquer New York and the world thanks to their music.

Innov Gnawa

Innov Gnawa is a collective of Moroccan musicians trained in New York in 2014 thanks to the project by Samir Langus. The artist aimed to give New York this latest musical nuance, this time bringing the true music of African slaves. To join his project, Moroccan musicians of the caliber of Amino Belyamani, Ahmed Jeriouda and Ma’alem Hassan Ben Jafer. Thanks to the latter, the group has managed to establish itself more and more in the US landscape, even being candidates for a Grammy.

Innov Gnawa

Over the years the fame of the group has then crossed every border, imposing itself also on continents such as Oceania.

Between ancient and modern

The Innov Gnawa manage to stage their genre in the purest style, accompanying everything even with very special stage costumes that also give an “atmosphere” to what they sing. The Gnawa, as we told you, was used to enter into a sort of “mystical trance”, a goal fully respected by the collective, but with an open system.

Innov Gnawa
Samir Langus

The Innov Gnawa, in fact, do not even forget what the origins of the black music of the States are and their collaborations are often made in this sense. In fact, the group always manages to remain faithful to its musical tradition, without failing to collaborate with artists of genres such as jazz, dance or electronics.

For all black music lovers

If you are looking for absolutely African musicals, but which are also current, Innov Gnawa could be what you need. Growing up in New York, the group also developed a certain finesse in their ways of doing and this is also reflected in their musical offer. You will never find a piece that is not up to par and, thanks to them, you can fully immerse yourself in the Berber / African atmospheres so loved by the lovers of this site.

Innov Gnawa
Ma’alem Hassan Ben Jaffer

One tip though: if you’re new to the genre, make sure you’re in the right situation to fully enjoy it. Gnawa music must be rest after a day of hard work, hearing them before the right moment could ruin a trance of such strength and beauty.

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