5 peoples to discover this summer

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We were very undecided on how to do the part dedicated to “Retrobottega”, we could talk about art, places and cuisine. In the end, however, we decided for the true wealth of the Islamic world: its peoples. Here are 5 themed articles, we hope to surprise you again. For Turkish lovers: the second part of Bamsı Beyrek of the Grey horse

“Sound of Berberia”, interview with the director

“Sound of Berberia” is a journey of two friends in the desert in search of true Amazigh music. We are proud to introduce you to Tarik El Idrissi, director of this project that started from afar and is now starting its final phase. Special thanks go to Marta Bettenzoli who organized our meeting, we were really lucky. Ah, we are also proud to announce that the crowfunding campaign has ended successfully and that the film will be made. For all lovers of Berbers and music.

The peoples of Iran

peoples Iran

How many peoples inhabit Iran? Ben 21 and one more unique and interesting than the other. Unfortunately, we managed to make little more than a list, the abundance of this, however, is something irresistible for us. Those who know us know how much we love “uniqueness” and in this incredible country they never seem to end. Where could you ever find Mandaeans, Gilaks and Assyrians together, if not in Iran?

Korea and the Middle East

Islam Korea
A mosque in Korea

The idea was born after listening Omar and The Eastern Power however, what we discovered, literally shocked us. Discovering the presence and influence of Islam in a place as far away as Korea has really moved the boundaries of our imagination. We already knew about Arab migrations in South America, we never thought we would find them here too. The Muslims also made an incredible contribution to the development of knowledge in the country, laying the foundations for the birth of an original culture and bridge between China and the Islamic world. Korea suffered, in fact, a stronger contamination from the Mongols who were a real vector of Islam.

Göktürk, the first Turks


Another thing that enchants us is to discover “the first”, “the origin of something”; in our research we came across this people and we could not avoid talking about it. The historical origins of a people destined to change humanity forever, bringing their names and customs all over the world.

Albanians, neither Slavs nor Greeks


After traveling far and wide in Asia and Africa it is time to go back to Europe, there will be waiting for us Albanians. A truly particular and unique people, second in number in Italy only to Romanians, but with a much older relationship with the Bel Paese. The article is also the first of Costanza Sama, one more occasion to read it.

We hope you liked the list, in these days we will have many “5 for the summer”. In a few weeks we anticipate that something Romanì-themed should come out, the most discriminated against in Italy. Follow us on our page  facebookYouTube  and Instagram, or on Telegram. Any like, sharing or support is welcome and helps us to dedicate ourselves more and more to our passion: tell the story of the Middle East.

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