Yusuf Kama, Africa in Harry Potter

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In the last chapter of the saga “Fantastic Beasts and the Crimes of Grindelwald”, we finally see African magic appear. The Kama in particular will have a dispute to be collected with the Lestrange.

Yusuf Kama, a mysterious character

In the new film we will finally see the appearance of the first African magicians, Yusuf Kama will be a young Franco-Senegalese magician who arrived in Paris to take revenge on Corvus Lestrange. The latter committed atrocities against his family and for this reason the young African magician swore to kill his son.

Yusuf Kama

In the course of the film we will be catapulted into the tragedy that the Kama suffered at the hands of the Lestrange, also learning about the history of the mysterious Leta Lestrange.

The discovery of a crime (No Spoiler Free)

If you haven’t gone to the cinema, skip to the next paragraph. During the course of the film we will become aware of the birth of the latter. Corvus Lestrange fell in love with Laurena Kama, Yusuf’s mother, and for this reason he decided to bewitch her through the imperius curse. Laurena became pregnant with Leta and died shortly after giving birth.

Yusuf Kama
Leta Lestrange

Precisely because of this real story of “magical colonialism” hatred arises between the two families that will lead the young magician to make the trip to Paris. His arrival will then lead us to discover new traits of the magical world such as the Uagadou school.

Africa in the Harry Potter universe

The institute would be located in Uganda, in the Mountains of the Moon and, unlike Hogwarts, there would be no owls as messengers but “messengers of dreams”. The school is counted as one of the oldest in the whole, so much so that, unlike my European colleagues, I am aware of a magic so primordial that I don’t need wands.

Yusuf Kama

Another characteristic feature of the school is undoubtedly the strong propensity for self-transfiguration, astrology and alchemy. The choice to introduce the first references to the “world beyond Hogwarts” in the latest films can certainly prove interesting, we are also looking forward to the Arab and Persian schools.

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