April, a travel to Ramadan

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Today we talk about all our programming for April and May, the month in which Ramadan will begin, a single month for our site. We thought of organizing something unique and special for our readers and we can’t wait to reveal more and more, in the meantime we leave you with certainties. Let us know what you think, your feedback is gold for us.

Middle East Now and the week of cinema

We are proud to announce that, barring unforeseen circumstances, we will be in Florence this weekend to attend the Middle East Now, a festival of cinema and culture from the Middle East and the Islamic World. We are really proud to say that this will be our first trip and for this reason we have decided to give “our contribution”. Even the Middle East and the surrounding area will in fact dedicate their week to the cinema of these places, with a week of couscous and films. It starts Monday with Aladdin, then the interview with Middle East Now and Wednesday an article by Costanza Di Mauro on “Miral” by Julian Schnabel (in case of delays the days of the two articles will alternate).


Thursday we bring you our interview with Stefano Fogliata of the documentary Footbalization, a reportage on football in the Lebanese refugee camps (do not miss because it is something unique). Friday instead will be the turn of “Lawrence of Arabia”, Saturday we will have “The client” of Asghar Farhadi (guest star of Middle East Now) and finally we will conclude on Sunday with “Timbuktu” by Abderrahmane Sissako.

April, a month and 4 themes

We decided to organize something unique and different for Ramadan, and for this reason all the programming of this month will revolve around our “4 subjects”: Movies, books, music and sports. After the film week we will move on to the week dedicated to reading, continuing on this order for the whole month.

The mosque of Djenne, Mali

We imagined the whole of April as a sort of great march to this month, so particular and unique as to be treated in a completely different way.

Everyone’s Ramadan

We thought of dividing the sacred month into 3 blocks of 10 days, in order to give a greater space to each of the topics covered, also producing some extras in view of the usual problems of lunar sighting. The first block will be dedicated to cooking and will feature 10 different countries with their most representative dish, the second will deal with the way in which these countries celebrate the holy month.

The “Harira”, a typical Moroccan Ramadan dish

The third block is still in the planning stage, but it would be very nice to hear your opinions on this and the tenth country. We want our audience to choose the tenth, it would make our Ramadan truly unique and unforgettable. The 9 countries chosen so far are: Egypt, Morocco, Iran, Turkey, Albania, Shami (Palestine, Syria and Lebanon), Yemen, Senegal and Pakistan. We can’t wait to spend an incredible April and a wonderful Ramadan with you.

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