The fish, a living miracle

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Fish has always been one of the staple foods for all humanity, becoming the balance of many diets and protagonist of our most beautiful myths. A real living miracle, to be observed with respect and wonder.

Fundamental for man

The development of fishing has always coincided with human evolution, rewarding civilizations able to make the most of the sea and its fish reserve. Activities of this type have been documented since the dawn of time and, even today, the consumption of fresh fish proves to be a fundamental step for a complete and healthy diet. Central, from this point of view, is the contribution of Omega 3, a very particular group of lipids / fats contained in most blue fish.


The consumption of this substance disadvantages the aging of physical and mental faculties, becoming one of the most important elements of many diets. The large amount of calcium present in these fish also makes them one of the most effective foods to combat bone decalcification.

In connection with the divine

Thanks to its food properties and the fact of living in water, fish has been associated with the divine since the dawn of time, going to touch very different cultures. From India to Europe, this group of animals has always been present in human history, often becoming the protagonist of the various stories. An example of this is certainly the story of Matsya, one of the avatars of the Hindu god Vishnu, really similar to the story of Noah and his ark. Legend has it that Manu, the progenitor of human beings, saved a small fish, who would then repay him by giving him instructions to survive the Universal Flood, dragging the mythical boat himself. An episode of great importance for Christianity and Islam is then the multiplication of the loaves and fishes, the only miracle to be reported in all 4 canonical Gospels and in the Quran.

Surat An Nahl, vv.14

In the latter, fish and the sea are often used to show divine grace, able to provide their faithful with fresh and at the same time simple food. A real living miracle, to be observed with respect and wonder.

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