“Feast: food of the Islamic world” by Anissa Helou

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After 5 days in his company, it’s time to really introduce you “Feast”, the book by Anissa Helou who has kept us company for these days, a real gastronomic show.

The Islamic world at the table

Feast is a true gastronomic atlas of the Islamic world, the first to speak in depth and at 360 ° about this huge part of the globe, inside which thousands of different flavors have mixed. Thanks to the common faith and customs, it was possible to develop an absolutely recognizable cuisine that in a certain sense brings the best of the various traditions. To confirm this we can bring you, for example the Thiebou Dieunne, a dish of the Senegalese tradition strongly related to the Moroccan tajine, or the Baklava, now typically Turkish dessert but widespread throughout the world.


Anissa Helou’s book deals with these analogies, revealing them to the general Muslim public and beyond. Thanks to her long research work, the Syrian-Lebanese chef has managed to gather a good part of her culinary experiences in “Feast”, combining the practical side with a more personal and popular one. Inside the recipe book we will also find anecdotes, suggestions and considerations by the author, a very precious compass to fully enjoy the experience.

From bread to dessert

Divided into 7 chapters, the book will allow us to prepare a real Middle East meal, starting from bread up to dessert, but with many surprises in the middle. In addition to the classics of Moroccan cuisine and Shami, in fact, we will also have the opportunity to focus on dishes with completely different tastes and aromas from ours, which will push us to a new way of observing this gastronomy. An example? The sea, the true protagonist of the tables of Zanzibar and the Gulf countries.

Thiebou Dieunne

In addition, there will also be real guides for spices, the central element of this cuisine, not always easy to find in the Bel Paese. Precisely because of the many analogies between places and aromas, “Feast” could also prove to be a perfect manual to revolutionize your “classic” kitchen. It will not always be easy to find every ingredient, but this can be a new challenge for the one who is bewitched by ever new compositions and flavors. In short, Anissa Helou’s book presents itself as a perfect gift for Ramadan and an incredible guardian of culinary stimuli, highly recommended also for non-English speakers (despite being the book entirely in English).

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